What is a Residence Permit?


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Residence permit types are regulated in the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (YUKK) No. 458. How to obtain a residence permit is also regulated in this law and the regulation on the implementation of the law. In addition, the situations that replace the residence permit are regulated in the International Labor Law No. 6735 and special laws.

According to YUKK, residence permit types are: short-term, family, student, long-term, humanitarian, victim of human trafficking residence permit. The situations that replace the residence permit according to the UIK are the situations in which a work permit is obtained according to this law.

If the person who will stay in Turkey is more than 90 days or more than the day granted by the visa or visa exemption, a residence permit must be obtained.

If there is a foreigner who does not comply with this rule, a decision to be deported is taken. Deport lawyer can prove the existence of a justified reason for staying in Turkey more than the visa day, visa exemption day or in any case more than 90 days by getting legal aid.

Deportation decision can be appealed. The legal assistance of the deport lawyer is very important in this regard.

A work permit is a necessary condition for foreigners to be able to work in Turkey. A deportation decision is taken for the foreigner working in Turkey without a work permit. If the foreigner has a work permit, this work permit provides him with a visa exemption; At the same time, the document related to the work permit replaces the document related to the residence permit.

What is a Work Permit?

Getting legal assistance from an Istanbul lawyer in order to obtain a work permit will speed up the process and ensure that results are obtained in favor of the client.

The work permit is generally regulated in the Law No. 4817 on Work Permits of Foreigners (YÇİHK). There are regulations regarding foreigners who will be exempted from obtaining a work permit in the UIK. In addition, various provisions regarding the work permits of foreigners are also regulated in the LFIP.

Foreigners who want to obtain a work permit should apply to the Consulates of the Republic of Turkey in the country where they are staying. However, if the foreigner has a valid residence permit, this application can be made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Permits to be granted according to the UIK are also given by the Ministry.

It is important for the foreigner to complete the applications both materially and morally. With the help of a work permit lawyer, this process can be concluded in a healthy way.

What are the Reasons for Deportation?

The reasons for deportation are regulated in Article 54 of the YUKK. Before the reasons for deportation, the situations where there is a ban on refoulement and where a deportation decision cannot be taken should be briefly mentioned. A deportation decision not made in accordance with the deportation procedure must be appealed against.

Some matters are investigated ex officio by the governorship before being deported or sent back. These:

Whether the foreigner will be subjected to torture, degrading punishment or treatment at the destination,

It is whether there will be a situation that threatens life and freedom due to race, religion, nationality, membership of a certain social group, political ideas.

In addition to the ban on refoulement, those who cannot be deported are regulated in Article 55 of the YUKK.

In cases where the deportation decision is not in accordance with the law, the foreigner may apply to the administrative court within 7 days from the notification of the decision. It is not possible to appeal against the peace penalty for this decision. Administrative surveillance for deportation to peace penalty

How to Make a Deportation Complaint?

The answer to the question of how to make a deportation complaint is twofold. On the one hand, anyone who is aware of the reason for his deportation can report the situation to the authorities. On the other hand, the person who has taken a deportation decision can appeal against the decision. The expression of objection is mentioned as a complaint among the people, but the correct expression is objection.

The person who is aware of the reason for his deportation may notify the governorships or the institutions affiliated to the governorships, which are the authorized institutions for the deportation decision. Governorates may take a deportation decision upon the instruction of the General Directorate of Migration Management, or they may take this decision ex officio.

With the foreign deportation lawyer who has been decided to be deported, if there is no deportation lawyer, an objection can be made to this deportation decision by requesting a deportation lawyer from the Bar Association.

Deport’s lawyer examines whether the deportation procedure has been carried out exactly after the deportation decision taken about his client, writes a letter to the relevant places; It examines whether there has been a reason for deportation, and if there is an unlawful situation, it can file a complaint against this decision, that is, it can also appeal.

How to Objection to Deport Decision?

As we have mentioned above, the deport decision is the decision regarding the expulsion of the foreigner from the Turkish political borders. Deportation decision is an administrative action. Administrative judicial remedy is open against all kinds of actions and actions of the administration. Deport lawyer can apply to administrative jurisdiction against the deport decision.

Deportation decision is made, for example, for those who work within the Turkish political borders without a work permit, and for those who reside within the Turkish political borders without a residence permit. Istanbul deport lawyer may apply to the court in favor of his client against the said decision.

There may be mistakes and misunderstandings in the deportation decision, and by objecting to the deportation decision, mistakes and mistakes in these decisions can be eliminated. The problem can be solved with the devoted work of the support of the Deport lawyer.

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