Lawyer in Istanbul Turkey

How to contact  a lawyer in Turkey?

Foreigners living in Turkey or residing in their country need a lawyer in Turkey. Foreigners who want to reach a lawyer operating in Turkey experience difficulties while looking for a lawyer. In this article, we describe ways to contact a lawyer operating in Turkey. The methods you will apply are:

  1. Online searchs: You can search for English-speaking lawyers in Istanbul on online directories such as Lawyers Turkey.
  2. Bar associations: You can directly contact the Istanbul Bar Association Number 1 or  Istanbul Bar Association Number 2. Here you can find two websites 1 (  and you can ask for a list of English-speaking lawyers in their directory.
  3. Embassy or consulate: If you are a foreigner living in Istanbul, you can contact your embassy or consulate for a list of English-speaking lawyers they recommend.

When choosing a lawyer, be sure to check their qualifications and experience, as well as their language proficiency. You may also want to ask for references from previous clients.                

Lawyer Turkey Istanbul
Lawyer Turkey Istanbul

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